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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Why not? This is a tough on crime law, not a further restriction of legal firearms activities.
Define an "illegal firearm". Would you now face a risk of an impounded vehicle and massive fine if you didn't have 100% of your paperwork handy, like ATT or PAL, when transporting a gun to or from a range?

Not everyone carries all their paperwork all the time, even though they are required to. It's happened to me when I've changed gun cases, and forgot to transfer the paperwork that was under the foam. Technically, my possession and transportation of those guns then is illegal. Even though they are registered, and the cop who stops me knows that they are, because his fancy computer says so. The burden of proof is upon me to prove they are registered and that my ATT and PAL are in effect.

But the gansta rockin' da hood won't have that stuff, and that's what this law targets, but the the unfortunate citizen would get nabbed in it as well.
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