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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
A dewat is not a replica. It's proscribed as a dewat, and it is a firearm. It just changes classification from non-restricted, restricted or prohibited based upon verification as a permanent dewat. You do not need to have a PAL in any form to possess or transfer a dewat that is in Canada. This differs from a replica.

If you import a dewat, you must possess and register the item as it would be classified in Canada, and then it gets verified by as a dewat, and the classification is changed. So, basically, you can only import a dewat if you have a PAL for the non-deactivated version of the gun. Once it's in Canada, it can be done with as you please, just don't try to commit another crime using it.
I looked for these statutes in the CC can you point them out?

or is the classification under the firearms act?
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