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Are the same thing.. an object that looks like a firearm but is not is a replica and is classified as a prohibited device if proven to be a replica in a court of law.

A deactivated firearm is not a firearm.. but is an exact duplicate of a firearm ( because it used to be one ) therefore it is a replica.

I have no Idea what provincial statutes apply in PQ for airsoft..

I can't read french well enough to read laws... but whatever statutes they have they are subordinate to federal law.

Originally Posted by Long_Bong View Post

Just spoke with a local police officer in charge of releasing permit in Quebec.

Quebec position regarding airsoft gun:

You can own a original weapon that what disabled in order to make it unable to shoot (by an armourer) without any need for permit whatsoever. So, you can have a real disabled AK without any paperwork.

Now, replica (airsoft) are considered restricted, hence you must have a permit and all that good stuff to have one.

It make a lot of sense doesn t...
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