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Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
it depends on which version you buy. Personally, id wire mine to the box mag so i can swap batteries easier, and on top of that, ud have a fresh batt with every box change.

Double Tapper:
i dont know if its version 6 or not, however i doubt it as version 6 doesnt allow the spring to be removed via a "cap" from the back of the mechbox, v6 requires the whole box dissassembled to change out the spring. This is why i was surprised when you said v6, no critisizm intended

Also, is the box mag a sound controlled? or does it require a pressure switch to autofeed?

I also assume the MK1 version (skeleton stock or C9 Style) has the battery wired to the handguard, and is the handguard interchangable with the Para Handguard (as i like the look and feel of that better)

I took a look at moding it so the battery could go into mag box and it would be next to impossible. The battery would fit no problem into it,in fact theres to much room and your battery would flop around. This AEG is a side feed and not a bottom so it's just not feasible. You would have to run the wiring up through the second spring from the mag box to the reciever, which would entail modifying the feed clip.Then you would have to try and feed the wiring round the mech box and there just isn't any room IMO..Also its all open in the mag box so if battery runs out and you still have BB's in it then poppin off the the mag lid to change out batteries is gonna b a hassle.It takes no time in swappin out batteries in the location it is now in my IMO just leave it where it is.
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