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I've had a couple orders from HK - both from Redwolf in the last 6 months. RW has been very consistent, parts shipped out within a couple days, and another 2 days into Vancouver.. and then both times the order has sat in Customs there for literally 2+ WEEKS. The last time, I finally received a call from a Customs agent who asked me to send them a copy of my purchase receipt. I asked her if the delay was regarding the legality of the items, and she actually seemed quite straightforward and honest *GASP!*

She mentioned to me that 'basically all Hong Kong and Taiwan retailers are on a watch list for fraud relating to evading duty on goods imported into Canada' and 'games and electronics suppliers especially'. So my $150 worth of magazines and spring kits weren't in question of whether or not they were for prohibited/replica weapons, but whether or not Redwolf had labeled the actual purchase price on the declaration so they could smack me for the full duty amount - a whopping $18.. I commend that particular agent for her honesty, but I'd love to know how many man-hours of labour CBSA staff put into opening, inspecting, and then camping on my products for 2 weeks before documenting and contacting me to collect that $18.

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