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Originally Posted by tycho View Post
Also, since I'm generally becoming a grammar Nazi - the irony of this post is delicious!

P.S. - FireFox has a spell-check feature built in. You don't have to select it or anything - it automatically highlights misspellings for you.
Not really that ironic. It actually highlights his point. He did not preach that we all should have grammar and spelling like his, nor did he say people should not make mistakes. He said that the school system should concentrate more on improving grammar and English in general. I'm sure he is a product of the Canadian school system; therefore, he is arguing that the system has failed him as well as others. Having mistakes is therefore to be expected; not having any would be the exception.

It's like when somebody argues that people should have more opportunities to take transit instead of cars, then he/she drives everywhere. This does not make him/her a hypocrite. Clearly, if people had more opportunities then he/she would too, and he/she would then drive less.
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"that would be like celebrating the time your dick got stuck in the garbage disposal."
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