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A buddy of mine got the para version a little while ago. He braught it over that night for me to tinker on. Here's what I found...

- Way too much green grease all over the gears/box which looked like dippidy doo hair gel.

- The trigger switch lever needed to be bent slightly (as per the Arnies review) to avoid interference with the sector gear I believe it is.

- The bearings are not flanged so it appears that the bearings that come in the CA versions will not fit.

- The burrs were not cleaned off when the bearing holes were drilled.

- Looking at the bottom of the gearbox it appeared that the spur gear was misaligned - the gap between the gear and the mechbox was not totally consistent (parallel). Also a 'sticky' spot when you turn the gears by hand.

- The cylinder head appears to be a version 2 head except the cylinder nozzle is 1mm longer than a version 2 head (as per Arnies review)

- Shimming was actually pretty good.

- Hopup nub had to be placed verticle (as per Arnies) but was otherwise fine

I cleaned and regreased the gears, installed a new piston (reg. deepfire full teeth) and piston head (prom. pom) and put a little bigger spring in it. After only 2 games and something stupid like 20,000 rounds it just keeps going and shoots great! He absolutely abused this thing on the field. We took the mechbox out and looked at the gears through the bottom and they look in great shape still. Needless to say we are both very suprised at how well it shoots and is holding up.
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