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it depends on which version you buy. Personally, id wire mine to the box mag so i can swap batteries easier, and on top of that, ud have a fresh batt with every box change.

Double Tapper:
i dont know if its version 6 or not, however i doubt it as version 6 doesnt allow the spring to be removed via a "cap" from the back of the mechbox, v6 requires the whole box dissassembled to change out the spring. This is why i was surprised when you said v6, no critisizm intended

Also, is the box mag a sound controlled? or does it require a pressure switch to autofeed?

I also assume the MK1 version (skeleton stock or C9 Style) has the battery wired to the handguard, and is the handguard interchangable with the Para Handguard (as i like the look and feel of that better)

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