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Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
1) that its a split box design (allowing for spring hotswaps etc)
It isn't a split mechbox, but you can swap the spring in a matter of a couple of minutes. It requires removing the top pin that attaches the stock using the thumbscrew. You can then swivel the stock downward on the lower pin. That exposes the rear of the gearbox.

If you notice in my last picture with the upper open, there's a little lever near the rear of the mechbox. Pressing this releases a plug at the back of the gearbox. This plug comes out and the spring along with it. Swap springs, reinsert the plug (spring guide is mounted on this plug), reinsert the stock pin, and the spring change is complete less than 5 minutes, even for someone who's all thumbs.

Originally Posted by KNIVEZS View Post
quick question
where's the battery located?
The battery is located in the stock. It came with a 9.6V mini. I'm using a custom sub-C 9.6V pack or a 9.6V nunchuck battery. On the Para version, the battery is stored in the lower hand guard.
That's the only one of those points that I can confirm.
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