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ok Im going to clear this little pelit gun thing up a bit.
we wernt 20 ft away we were about 40 to 60 meaters using .177 cal copper BBs the first game was shirts vs skins witch quickly changed to trench cotes vs parkas we also had full face masks and thicks hats and gloves. we made shure we coverd all the angles and thaut about all the "what ifs". we lasted 10 years with out a single accident and we had about 100 people playing. Im new to airsoft not to the consept of shouting at each uther. yuseing copper head pest pellets was never a thaught and we were using the pnumatic pump action rifles that take 10 pumps to be leathel we were doing 3 at most. I can assure you that the danger level was that of a airsoft game or evean less. but thares an odvus reason why we switched to airsoft
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