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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
That's a BS excuse they give to people. There is no official laws about airsoft fps... Only the firearm law of 500fps AND 5.7joules. AEG can barely classify if they go higher than 700fps.

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No there aren't laws but that's besides the point.
When you want to get insurance for a facility that allows airsoft to be played you have to set 'safe' rules to stick with. This has nothing to do with any government law, just setting rules that the insurance company can agree with.
If the owner allows guns above that limit then he just lost any coverage for that particular player's actions and fault can lie with the owner.

I don't believe it is because of the wind at all, during the summer, the underbrush fills in and most encounters are within 100 feet or less.

Check with your local field rules for semi-auto only. We count anything with a motor as an AEG because you can pull that trigger and fire almost as fast as you can full auto. The bolt action of a sniper rifle in airsoft limits you to only one or two good shots every few seconds.
Being able to semi-auto is basically just like full auto as you can still spam off potshots.
Snipers should be aiming for the chest-rig or other equipment so as not to cause the player harm, this can't happen if you're just cracking off shots at one or two per second.
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