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U.S.A.S.O.C.'s 10th Issue (150+ Pages FREE!)

Hey guys,
Just wanted to let everyone know that our 10th FREE issue is out now. Just go to: to download it (and any of our past issues as well).

What's in our 10th issue?

* TSD 416 Review.
* King Arms 3x Tactical Scope Review.
* Bushrag's Pre-Made Ghillie Suit Review.
* KWA KG36C Commando Review.
* SPECIAL! Inside Dutch Airsoft.
* Interview: Desert Hawks
* Interview: American Airsoft Association.
* Tips: The Holtgrefe Project
* Plus Teams, Photos, Events, Photos, and Much More in the 150+ Paged Issue!

Hope you enjoy!

God Bless & Best Wishes,
Nick Petrus-Owner/Main Editor
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