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Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
can i still pay them via paypal? and it says that i have to mail them once i deposited the money. do i use the address that they sent me?
If I were you, I would reply directly to the email they sent you asking if you can switch payment method to PayPal and see what they say. Use the e-mail address that they sent to you with.

Originally Posted by DENZILDON View Post
I hope so, I'll try again to order tonight. But if guys look at their faq section. It does say there they only accept wire transfer. But if people are ordering via paypal then I guess its only a front?
It's applicable to some buyers. I don't know how they determine it, but I've seen them deny some people. So it's best to ask if you can pay by Paypal first. The ban is put in place thanks to a Canadian airsofter who tried scamming them through Paypal. He was also a member of ASC years ago.

Originally Posted by kos View Post
since we're on the topic.... how would you "wire" money? Same process as DD?
It's only same process as DD if you feel like hopping on to a plane and flying over to Hong Kong so that you can walk in to their bank branch to deposit money.

Actually, now that I think about it... they use HSBC. I should ask my buddy at HSBC if you actually can do a DD to an account in Hong Kong that way, but I have a feeling the complications involved with give me "no" as an answer.

Money Wires are done by calling up your home bank and telling them you'd like to do a money wire to a bank in Hong Kong in US funds. They'll proceed to ask you for information such as the account number, account holder's name, address of the account holder, receiving bank's name, swift code, receiving bank branch's address, etc etc. They then proceed to take a minimum of $30 from your account, plus another final receiving amount which can not be disclosed by your home bank (because they simply don't know the cost - it is charged by the receiving bank and they deduct it from the amount received.)
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