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Originally Posted by diamond_SEA View Post
the more i play with it the more i like it. once you pull the lever a couple times, that metal groaning goes away. charging the battery now ( if it works) and ill see how it shoots tomorrow
You'll probably want to pick up the replacement TGS selector switch sooner rather than later. They can be hard to come by at times.

The disk on the opposite side of the selector where the screw goes through is plastic and tends to split - and then you're hooped, because the selector will wobble around like it's been on a three-week bender and won't engage the selector plate properly. the TGS switch has a metal disk instead of plastic. It was one of the first upgrades I did on my TM MC51....Damn I miss that gun.

Anyway, I wrote a review on the part a long time ago:

Tip #2. Don't rack the cocking handle all the way back and just let it go - sure, it make a nice "WHACK" and all, but eventually the cocking lever can snap off from repeatedly racking the cocking handle. Trust me on this one.
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