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Since trying to help out a fellow airsofter(Sadizitx) yesterday with his issue with items not being allowed to be shipped to P.O. boxes, i offered my assisstance to bring his legal items over as you will read in his thread.

So what i am offering is if any of you have parts(100% legal) or anything for that matter. That you'd rather have an individual bring over, rather then have them sit in the possession of Customs officers(which can take some time). Let me know, i Live in Gretna Manitoba(about an hour south of winnipeg) which is no joke, no more then 5 minutes from the border. Just over the border(again, no more then 5 min.) is Menekes Parcel Service located in Neche, who of which i do business with atleast once a week.

It is not a P.O. box as you will read in the other thread, so no worries of it not arriving.

This is something that just kinda grabbed my attention yesterday and i was thinking of it last night, and thought why not offer this to all of you. It may be a useless service to some of you who may have the same setup as myself, but from my experience i get parts awhole lot faster and cheaper. So if you'd rather have your items imported by a Canadian, rather then slow moving customs, let me know(shoot me a PM), i'd be happy to help.

Too many customs horror stories:
Hope this help some of you guys out. Cheers!
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