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Originally Posted by arman View Post
so Bontic... was it worth the wait????
heh. well, I am joining the sport with two friends who got me interested... we gamed at a private warehouse. But they were sure we had to get guns with 400fps capability. I insisted we should limit to 330, given my penchant for using my teeth for eating and smiling and stuff. They insisted more. So instead of my planned TM AK or ICS MP5 purchase (after hitting a ton of reviews) I opted for the only close to 400fps gun available that did not cost more than the annual GDP of the Republic of Bhutan, so I would not be left behind. The bonus was that I could get it right away and we could all see what kind of performance 3"70" fps gets (you can all guess my gun).

So I was already equipped way before I got age verified. I got age verified so that the other guy (one dropped out; a bad clearsoft experience left him permanently scarred with neural damage to his olfactory nerves such that he is permanently left tasting something like fermented cat shit) could get his dream weapon (not being a fan of AKs he could not get the same gun as I did). He just passed his 30th birthday, but for some reason he could not register a user account on ASC - something about the website not working - or something about the ass gears not engaging - not exactly sure - so I had to go through the age verification for him, essentially. He just purchased a KWA M4A1.

Sooooo.... now we have guns that are way too hot for our warehouse, and besides that cannot wait to enter the woods to light Charlie/Jerry/Ryssa/Nip/Tommy/Gwailow/etc up. Though I have not yet purchased for myself, I am glad his gun is on its way. Should be a beastie. And shopping the classifieds here is like being 13 and discovering your first porno mag - there's just so much you want to touch and feel in the flesh........ so yeah, it was worth it. It's amaaaazing how quickly you can pick up a gun fetish.

Though like I said at the beginning of the thread, after contacting Whozat it took something like three days to get in. Not really a wait of any significance. Major props to the man. Major pimpin'!
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