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Review of JG G3 SG1

Ordered this from shootsoft as one of their specials not knowing what to expect. As a new release from JG, there were few reviews on this. But, hearing decent remarks and knowing the cloning is improving, i decided what the hell. This is my first china clone, so Im used to higher-end guns. Hopefully this will keep me critical of the quality of JG. Ive never used a JG 416, but having handled one a few times, I figured that the quality will be passed onto their new G3 series.

Weeks later, after thinking CP lost it for good, if finally arrived. I just want to forward a +1 to LeGROS and shootsoft for their great customer service, Ill definetly be dealing with them again.

Opening the box:

pretty standard box, copy of TM. packed ok with styrofoam to protect the gun. Noticably, it was opened and, im assuming was tested. Inside was: the gun, a small bag of bbs, the mag, winding key, a battery, manuals, and a charger (not in picture).
-bbs: havent opened them, i dont know if id trust them, id rather stick to my elites.
-manuals: a bit of chingrish, but not horribly translated. Still legible but if youve owned other AEGs, its the same stuff mostly.
-Charger: its 220V, so its a throw-away, but i cut the large connector off to use with my battery charger.
- Battery: a large type 1500milamp NiCD. Charged it for kicks, works ok. Normally most people would throw away the china batteries, but ill hang onto this one and see how long itll last.
-winding key for the hicap magazine

The gun first impressions:

Picking it up, its an OK weight for its size, though i wish it was more heavy. One issue that worried me was the TM G3 having a very creaky body, but surprisingly, the JG does not have any noticable creak.
the issues i do have with it is its plasticy-ness. It almost feels as if there was no metal on it (althought there is).
Also, when the cocking lever is pulled, it makes a horrible metal groaning as the spring is compressed. This went away with use.

Charged the battery, slid the battery in the stock. It fits nicely, though you might have to play with the wires a bit. It shoots HARD. i was putting dents in my trashcan. Ill chrono it soon. ROF is nice, and it sounds mean on when it fires. Ill have to test the accuracy on the field, but from about 30 ft away it had pretty good groupings (thought thats not much of a test).

So far i have mixed feelings, but i feel that this gun is pretty good so far, especially for the price i paid. Ill be adding more info as well as pics soon, and performance info after sunday ( look for it at OP: Black Mamba!!)
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