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Tactical Force TF 11 (M11)

This is just a brief overview of the TF 11. The TF brand name is made in Japan by Umarex, who are better known for making hgh quality pellet and BB guns, rather than airsoft. They're a newcomer to airsoft, so they probably still have a way to go before their guns are on par with other Japanese manufacturers.

Taking it out of the box, it looked pretty good. It's quite compact, but has a nice weight with the magazine installed. It felt quite solid while handling it too. The grip is a bit small for someone with larger hands such as myself, but not so small as to make it awkward to handle.

The exterior is all ABS, except for a few external parts like the front sight, cocking handle, safety, trigger, and fire selector. The internals are mostly metal. Looks like pot metal. The magazine has an ABS exterior, but metal interior, which makes it feel quite heavy. When inserted into the gun, the combined weight give this little toy a nice weighty feel.

Upon closer inspection, most of the finish on this gun is quite nice. The only real sore points I have cosmetically are the whole "safety info" printed on the side like with all Umarex air guns and the seam along the top of the gun where the 2 halves of the upper receiver meet. The seam line for the lower receiver is much cleaner and far less noticeable.

The magazine holds 50 plus a standard 12g CO2 cartridge. The magazine seems quite solid, although the pins holding it together seem to protrude from both sides of the mag just a bit, and that causes a lot of scratching to the inside of the magazine well. The exterior of the mag is ABS, but the internals are metal, making it quite heavy.

On semi and short auto bursts, you'll get about 125 shots out of a single CO2 cartridge. It tends to tear through gas a lot faster when used in full auto. If used exclusively in full auto, you'll JUST get 2 mags out of it before the pressure gets too low to shoot it accurately. However, switching back to semi will get you a few more accurate shots before the last of the gas vents.

In terms of performance, this thing is quite impressive in both velocity and rate of fire. Using .2g Metaltech BBs, the gun chronied between 350 and 360 fps. Rate of fire is a most impressive 22 BB/s, meaning you can empty the mag with a 2.2 second burst. The blowback action is quite nice. It doesn't have a lot of kick, but it will bounce around enough to affect aim, which adds a touch of realism. It feels great to shoot.

In terms of accuracy, I only tested it at about a 20 foot range. It shot fairly accurately. With .2g, accuracy was great. I put most of the shots in semi near the bullseye, but with about a 2 inch spread. I tried .25 Bastards, but they tended to drift about 2-3 inches to the right of the bullseye. The manual recommends .12 and .2g, so this is more than likely why. There's no adjustment that I could find and the manual says nothing about it. I would suspect there's either no hopup, or it's fixed.

On the down side, there are a few things I wish were different. First, there's no folding stock, even though the slots in the body are there, and the spring-loaded button on the underside of the lower receiver to release the stock are there. I don't see what the point was of not including the stock when all the other components are in place to accept it. Also, the front sling loop freely rotates around the barrel and is noisy. I really don't see the point of even including it on a gun this compact in the first place. And lastly, it will dry fire once the mag is empty. I would have liked to have seen some type of bolt-lock mechanism to stop firing when the mag is empty

So overall, I would say this is a nice little gun. It's got an impressive rate of fire, good power, and reasonable accuracy for short to medium ranges. This would make a fearsome primary or secondary for CQB where 350+ fps velocities are permitted. For outdoors games, it would make a suitable secondary in terms of performance, but the magazine is quite long and would get snagged a lot in a holster, so probably not a good choice for a field gun. It's probably not a very good choice for people with large hands, as it will be uncomfortable to hold.

  • high rate of fire
  • excellent velocity
  • nice blowback action
  • compact
  • very solid feel for ABS
  • good short-range accuracy for CQB
  • bad seam line between halves of upper receiver
  • useless front sling mount
  • no folding stock even thought he gun is built to take one
  • either no hopup or no hopup adjustment
  • Not good for someone with large hands
So here are a few random shots of it. Note that the receiver markings were filled in with white crayon. I also added some simulated wear to the edges of the gun using some model paint.

And here's a short YouTube video of me firing it. It was my second mag on the same CO2 cartridge, so you can hear the effect of running low on gas.

YouTube - Tactical Force TF 11
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