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Both days were phenomenal. It was a beautiful thing to see people who had never seen the inside of the building figure out how to fight their way, tooth and nail, through every room, hallway, and staircase. I must say, making for some more passageways between some of rooms would make the halls less of a stalemate. The little mouse holes between rooms on the second floor above the safe zone were excellent.

Having the furniture to barricade and keep the situations fresh was also brilliant. That has been long an airsoft fantasy of mine; the impromptu barricade. Sorry for making too good of blockade on the central staircase on day two with the kiddie desks. It was too delicious of a opportunity not too!

If the grounds of the building are added as in-game area (and maybe some plumbing, heh), this will be the premier CQB facility in Canada.

Plus, the people of Melville are incredibly friendly, how can you go wrong with that?
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