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Hello fellow Airsoft goers!
I havent really posted anything on this forum (except this thread) but I'd like to introduce my self. I Live in Canada, BC , and I've already started to save up my pennies

I am just getting into the airsoft sport, I've read up the FAQ's a few times, read everything I can about safety, and watched lots of youtube videoes of airsoft skrimishes, so far....THIS LOOKS LIKE UBER FUN, LIKE REALLY x 10 to the power of 1000000000, FUN
I went to a local army surplus store, and looked at its selection and I settled on a Clearsoft MP7 ( I know that some people don't like Clearsoft guns, but it's the law here )

So , I hope to get to know a few of you guys! and I'm glad that this forum was here to help me about my doubts and questions about airsoft in Canada
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