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Hello everyone!

Hi, I would just like to introduce myself. Hopefully no one will mind . My name is Steven and I live in London Ontario. I was previously into paintball and am now leaving the sport. I am currently 17 years old (Only one more year till I can start playing airsoft! : ) My birthday is April 4th So I guess I got ~A year to figure out what type of newbie gear im gonna buy.

At the moment all I have in my Armory is a Rap4 C8 Paintball Marker which I was planning on converting to airsoft gun until I noticed its a lot cheaper and better If I just wait until I'm 18 to get an AEG so I'm stuck having to sell the Rap4 (Rap4 20 Round Mags = $35each ) .Either then that I have a Powerline Airstrike 240 Spring Airsoft Pistol & Some Targets which my brother gave to me as a gift so I could practice my aiming for the time being .

Hopefully I'll see you all on the fields next year.
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