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Originally Posted by Syn View Post
Hows the accuracy say at 20 feet? I'm tempted to get one for some IPSC cheapness. Only thing is lack of mags!! Also it runs a bit hot.

It's amazingly accurate at 20 feet - you can hit a dime. However, the hopup gets inconsistent beyond around 35 feet. Just so you know, it has the same internals as the Taurus PT 24/7 made by the same manufacturer, so if you prefer it in Taurus form it's the same. The manufacturer is actually KWC, and it has been rebranded by Swiss Arms/Cybergun.

If you want a very accurate spring target pistol for cheap cheap, the same manufacturer has a P226 model for sale at Walmarts. I sit at measured 25 feet away and plink at quarters and dimes I have stood up with sticky tack.

I prefer the trigger pull and sights on the P226. Short and sensitive release, and the front sight fills the gap in the rear sights perfectly, and the sights are not too tall. On the Taurus, the sights are just a bit tall for my liking and the front sight is too narrow; you can see a chink of a gap either side of it inside the rear sights. I expect the sigg SP2022 model will have the same sights as the P226. Makes me wish I had gone with the Sig. The Taurus has a nice ribbed rubber pistol grip.

The pull on the Taurus (or SP2022) is double action as ancorp pointed out. The mechanism has to slide the bb into the chamber, and wind the hammer back to strike the valve on the mag. This does make it harder to hold the gun steady during the pull, so for very high accuracy it presents more of a challenge.

It gets literally 250 bbs on a single gas cartridge, though the power diminishes throughout. It runs over 300 fps till the last mag or two, so it's not a major issue. Actually, it only runs really hot for the first two mags or so before settling down. It gets lower than 350 for most of the gas charge, so if you need it to be less hot just dry fire a few shots of gas out first. Each gas cartridge goes for $0.75 at CT if you buy the 40 pack. Mag has had two small temporary leaks that seemed to fix themselves. So far around 2000 bbs, eight gas cartridges, no other issues.

Any information you need, you can search for reviews on KWC models in black plastic; they are the same internally.

By the way, what does IPSC stand for?
and, why do GBBs not have this double action on the trigger?

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