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I was recently informed by the owner of a local paintball field that he is having more and more frequent incidents with airsofters trying to argue that ballistic goggles are acceptable for use on paintball fields. "Oh, they'll stop this, or they're rated for that. Look, they seal around the eyes...."
Enough is enough people.....regardless of what you and I think about eye protection, paintball fields operate with strict guidelines handed down to them by their insurance companies, and if they want to maintain their business/operating licenses they must comply within these guidelines......and this includes eye protection.
Their insurers have clearly stated that only paintball approved eye protection can be used on their property, period. There are NO exceptions to this rule, and no business owner is going too risk having their insurance yanked for any one airsoft player.
Hell, they don't care if you boycott them or what not, they really don't need our business, and they sure as hell don't need the aggravation of dealing with airsoft players back talking to them about eye protection.
But you know what?? It's really nice to have a local place where we can scrim, goof around, and play with our expensive toys with out the neighbors calling in the cops. It's a real convenience for the majority of us, and most paintball fields are more than willing to accommodate us any time of the year.

Rules for eye protection are always posted by the hosts of any event, what is acceptable, and what is not. Any event posted for a paintball field always states paintball approved eye protection, and this will never change.
So please either invest in paintball goggles, Brass Eagle, JT, what ever, or rent them at the field..... and for the love of God stop trying to argue with the refs and owners at these paintball fields, cause their patients are running thin. They will start warning players, once....then you will be banned from the property for any length of time they see fit.
They have the legal right to do so.

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