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Thank you to Whozat - age verification

Just want to say thank you publicly to Whozat for doing my age verification. The guy did an amazing job, agreeing to see me the very same day or the next day. I ended up calling him at 10:30 am on a Sunday morning and waking the poor bastard up. He came down to see me in five minutes, though as I was already at the meeting place. He crawled back up to bed and I was verified like two days later and on both local forums too.

I just don't see enough appreciation for these guys who do the age verification; all I see and hear is bitching. Whozat told me a lot of assholes don't even show up to their arranged meetings!! The age verification system is a very important part of keeping airsoft alive and keeping the public safer from underage and immature punks.... these guys need our appreciation to keep it going, or it becomes a shitty and thankless burden. I just wanna say hang in there, and maybe even propose an official $10 fee paid to the verifier for verification outside of game days (I mean, airsoft is expensive enough as it is; what's another $10? A good asshole-weeding entry barrier). I should have bought him his smokes... almost did. Ah well. See you at the games, mate.

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