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I remember my first day of BMQ in St.Jean... everyone on the bus to the MEGA was all excited and we were all chatting it up and whatever... the second the facility came into view we all went dead silent as we collectively thought the same thought "What the hell did I just do?"

Having said that though, its SO MUCH FREAKIN FUN! For some, the adjustment period is longer than others but I assure you any weird feelings of adjusting to the BMQ lifestyle will be gone in 2 weeks tops.

Youll absolutely love it though... and when youre done youll have some of the greatest friends youve ever had.

Couple tips I have: teamwork (do EVERYTHING with your fireteam partner), communication (pass down all info, no matter how 'trivial'), follow orders (thats pretty self explanitory, really), and above all else, have fun.

But yeah as I said before, just have fun and have a sense of humor otherwise youll go insane.

Congrats! Takes a couragous person to take the step you did.
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