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TM M14 Socom with Eg700 Motor?

Hmm, I wasn't sure which thread to post this under, and posted here as it is linked to shootsoft.

I'm just curious whether anyone else has ordered a M14 Socom from Shootsoft?
On their website, it says the model comes with a EG700 motor, but from all the reviews I've ever read about the rifle, it's typically equipped with an EG1000 motor. I have contacted Christian (thank you btw), who informed me that this is the info provided to him by his Hong Kong supplier, but I'm just puzzled.
Was there an Eg700 motor variant floating around out there? Or do you guys think it'd be a typo on part of the Hong Kong guys?

I'm not entirely sure what the difference really is between the motors, but would it be justifiable to purchase a M14 rifle equipped with the eg700 for approx the same price as I would for a model with the Eg1000?

Any opinions on this matter would be appreciated.
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