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If you're under 18, then forget about it, because you can't buy an airsoft gun.

If you are 18 or older, check out the thread on age-verification. Once you get age-verified, you'll have access to the forum Buy & Sell area you'll have the option of accquiring a gun a MUCH cheaper prices than 007. Yes, they're still expensive (at least double) the price you see on foreign airsoft sites, but still considerably cheaper than 007 prices. You can get new, used, and sometimes some really nicely upgraded guns with extra accessories for cheaper than buying the stock gun new.

And 007's in-stock selection sucks. All that he has in stock is what's listed on the in-stock page (currently he has a stock of 15 guns in 8 - providing his site is accurate. Sometimes he doesn't update it for MONTHS on end...). Anything else you buy is a preorder. They require you to pre-pay orders, and sometimes, said orders can take month and months to arrive, providing they don't get seized by customs. Then you end up losing your hard-earned money.
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