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Originally Posted by Cassius View Post
General rule of thumb is x2.5 the price on WarGamer's Club.

Plus as everyone said, unless you're like 2 months from turning 18, there's no need to check out the prices; they will change over the years. If you absolutely need to have a price set in mind just set it the highest possible so that way you have extra money for extra stuff so all in all just plan 1000$ for the minimum (gun, battery, charger, bdu, vest, goggles, BBs).
Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
Budget $500 and you should be able to get a decent gun when you turn 18. You won't get a gun for $200. Where the prices have dropped is in the realm of JG and other Chinese clones. The same Chinese gun A&A used to sell for almost $500, you can usually get for about $100-150 less now. Big brand names like TM and CA still sell for the same high $600+ prices they did before. Prices have not changed in any significant manner there.
lol...I like where these posts are taking me. As an airsoft minor myself, I am also curious on how much I should save up for a half decent rifle, battery, charger, bdu, vest, goggles, and BBs. Most people wouldn't mind airsoft noobs renting out there airsoft guns for the day however, would they?
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