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potential complications of buying airsoft online WITHIN canada

Hello everyone, and kudos to the forum.

I appologize if this is a redundant post; if so i'd be grateful if someone pointed me in the right direction. Ever since i bought a Marksman repeater (hey no laughing) from Canadian tire, i've been interested in purchasing a more realistic airgun.

However, I've read a fair bit (for example HonestJohn's post on this forum) about the legal disputes of airsoft in canada. THings like, no airsoft is not legal to sell, yes its legal to own and use, no you can't import, etc.

From what i hear, 007 airsoft is a reliable retailer (albeit expensive), and i'm impressed with their selection. The gun that i'm looking at is a replica AEG, but i'm very hesitant to buy any airsoft online for fear of getting nailed by law enforcement.

If there is anyone on this forum who has bought from 007 airsoft, i'm wondering (1) are they legit (2) are orders from within canada (specifically 007) somehow screened by law enforcement (3) what's the worst case scenario (4) has anyone had legal problems ordering from within canada?

Many thanks,
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