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Originally Posted by Slimmy View Post
You just have to be careful, those places have a reason why their rotting.

Stuff could collapse, just ya' know take a look around everything make sure their nice and safe.

This is a four floor building, that picture was taken in the basement so it looks rough because no one has been down there for years and the paint is peeling off the walls. I am in the middle of preping the main floor for this weekends game. The top two floors are done and ready at this point. In fact the RCMP from *across Canada* are here all week using the facility. I had a great talk with Mark (RCMP) from Ottawa yesterday about the building and he thought it was absolutley great. Other officers said the only way it could be better was if they could actually stay on-site overnight.

The building is not rotting, it is made of cement, however when there is no heat in a building for years, the paint does peel.

There will be lots of pics up on all forums after this weekend so you will see what it looks like after I have made it playable.

Thanks Beazer, looking forward to it.

Gunk, you should check out the July game. I will be posting details not to long from now. All four floors will be playable, 60,000 sq ft.
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