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Originally Posted by WalterDekter View Post
Jesus christ. The guy said that he DID attach the correct address to the EMT that he sent. Did 204 not see that? He SAID that he attached the correct address in the comments section of the order form. Does 204 not read comments? If not then why even offer that field for additional information?

Then, since you are defending 204's policy of not bothering to read the comments field of orders, then I'll assum that you didn't bother to read the comments on the orders you filled either.

Well, I guess that the point of the thread, to me, is that people should know...

A) Don't bother emailing 204 with any special instructions/requests because the email won't be read in the 4 days between when the email is sent and the product is shipped

B) Don't bother using the 'comments' box in the order form because nobody reads it.

C) Don't bother attaching any comments to the EMT because nobody reads it.

D) Nobody at 204 is capable of noticing the multiple red flags, being the discrepancy between the two different addresses shown on a single order, and then confirming with the paying customer which one is correct (like most places with exceptional 'customer-centric' customer relations would do.)

E) Don't bother coming onto ASC to mention that you had a slight problem with a vendor because, not only does nobody give a crap, but you'll only open yourself up to irrational abuse by a bunch of cranky old ladies.

Disclaimer: I haven't ordered anything from 204 tactical, I don't dislike them for any reason and would be confident in ordering from them in the future. 99 percent of orders may go according to plan but it's how you handle that oddball 1% that makes the difference between a good vendor and a great one who obviously really cares about their customers.
Well, since you decided to meticulously pick apart my post for God knows why, I'll take the time to address your issues.

A) Only an idiot would send in an order when special instructions were sent without confirming them with the retailer. Sorry, but when I have special (read: unprecedented, unexpected etc...) request, I wait to hear back from the retailer before sending the order / payment.

B) Yeah, pretty much. E-mail and phones exists for a reason. In fact, the comment box may not even be set up properly on some sites so you're better off using a more direct method of contact.

C) I don't usually pay attention to those either. Then again, I'm not a business, so the EMT's I get are expected and any comments are sent via IM, phone or a direct e-mail.

D) 'Nobody' at 204 is Ken. 204 tactical is one person who also has a family and a life. Think about that for a second before pointing fingers. I agree though that if you are running a business, customer service is key and customers don't like to wait. Here, at least we agree. 204's customer service is inconsistent.

E) Again, it's the buyer's fault. Maybe impatience got the best of him and he sent the order in before hearing back from 204, but that still doesn't place responsibility for the shipping error solely on 204 tactical. I don't think it's fair for this guy to come and say that his problem with the shipping is 204's fault because 204 actually did send the product to the address specified in the order itself.

I have a great example here. I ordered a product from ehobbyasia not long ago and noticed that before sending payment, the address was incorrect. I wasn't able to change the address for whatever reason at the time, something having to do with an address ebay had on file and one that paypal had on file. So I sent an e-mail asking them to confirm which address they would ship to BEFORE sending payment. Sure, it took a few days of correspondence with them to ensure everything was OK, but in the end I got what I ordered.

I'm not necessarily defending 204's reputation, but it's pretty asinine to try and blame the retailer for sending your package to the 'wrong' address, when that address is the one you put into the order form.

Either way, I agree with you Walter that 204's response time for e-mails, commets, PMs, whatever, should be better.
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