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Originally Posted by lt_poncho View Post
It goes back a bit, I wouldn't say it drew too much attention because of the remote locations. I do recall another attempt to try to host something in an abandoned BC town.

Regardless, there are these 'abandoned' towns in the province of Sask., primarily in the South West area of Saskatoon - as such some of the Airsoft community at the time suggested using these for a large game. Best I could find was this article from the Washington Post - - fact is there are towns with many structures that are, basically, left to rot.

(I mean, come on, who WOULDN'T want to play here??
"...its hot as hell in here...yeah man it's the dry heat!...")

Seeing how you have 180+ acres, an abandoned town 200km or more away from a local large town seems a moot point...may as well build a town instead. Anything's possible. Add to the fact you likely have facilities like running water, electricity - abandoned is sort of just that - cut off.

I don't remember the specifics, and given the way some of the ideas are presented to this 'particular audience of characters', I don't think that person renewed his or her account here as a result, if you catch my drift.

These looked so good I had to post em. I was going to work my way through sask. as well, but there were just too many!! And if you're hosting a Canadian Irene, I'd be ready to put together a convoy from Ontario for that...whenever that happens

And yeah, I know I'm dreaming with regards to playing on an abandoned CF base...but come gotta admit it'd be pretty cool.
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