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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Ebay Banned is a shop with employees.

204Tactical is one guy, with a large family running this business out of his home on the side.

And no, We're not reading the same thing, because it's been edited from when I posted.
what i edited had nothing to do with the problem it was irrelivent it was an issue i had but i gave them the benifit of the doubt
im doing a military course in bc the school is not on a base or asu but my mail gets sent to the asu before it gets sent to the school so there are alot more lines within the address.

Originally Posted by SINN View Post
or better yet, bring up the problem with the vendor...ooooh imagine that?
ohh imagine i did... thanks for coming out.... they told me they took note of the messages but didnt take action

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