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The airsoft sales thing is not easy, you make sales and delivery times based on the market conditions at that time. Many things can happen, shipments sometimes get held up. Communications is another issue, as an individual buyer you are concerned only with one purchase (Your Own) try responding to 75-100 phone calls, pm's, and emails a day, not easy. You ask people in your threads to email and not to Pm, but they do anyway, you ask people to keep sales threads clear, but they don't so that means you are trying to answer questions, and inquiries on three different mediums.

I personally am in a job that does not have computer availability, I check my threads and emails in the evening after work and ship 8-10 packages in the morning.

A little patience is needed, I am aware that there have been some retailers that have engaged in fraud in the past, but it is not right that current retailers should be put through the third degree and treated as though they are the next conman.

As for profit, most retailers buy at U.S. retail prices, add tax delivery and other wonderful fees a 300.00 AEG is at $500.00 by the time it gets here.

Lets not talk about risk. Anyone here want to run a 20% risk that you may loose a $12,000 dollar order each and everytime you buy?

Also, don't ask for a discount just for the sake of asking for a discount. I know that retailers on here have posted the the lowest possible price that they can realistically sell an item for.

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