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Originally Posted by Douche View Post

Maybe you should have selected the proper item... And put down your proper address...

This really isn't 204 tactical's fault at all...
"my current address did not fit in the feilds for shipping so i (1) emailed them with my address, (2) i put the address into the message along with my EMT and (3) i also put the address onto the order form, after all that they still sent it to the wrong address."

Are you and I reading the same post? He put the proper address in THREE different places for them to find.

I have nothing against 204 Tactical, and we ARE only getting one side of this story, but it seems that maybe they're like Soup-Nazis. If you don't or can't order within their strict set of precise parameters then you might as well not order. This is good information for noobs like me to know if we're considering ordering anything from 204.

(As a contrasting story, I accidentally ordered a size small BDU from Ebaybanned instead of size large. I emailed them within a couple hours and the next day, THREE different EBB employees sent me confirmation that they had received my email and would be sending size L instead of S. That's halfway around the world and people who hardly understand english.)
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