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If you want a good, reliable first gun that's all metal, has reinforced internals (for the most part), then look into Classic Army. For the money, you'll get all-metal construction that will last a long time. The guns are quite reliable, and compatible with almost V2 aftermarket parts.

Some will say their pistons and compression parts are problematic, but after 20 000 rounds, I opened mine to upgrade it, and say no signs of wear on any of the so-called "problematic" parts. I still upgraded the main spring (for higher velocity) and all the "problematic" compression components with high quality Systema parts to ensure I would have problem-free operation, but IMO, it wasn't really necessary.

Get age-verified and you'll have access to the buy & sell section on this forum. You'll pay a lot less for a good gun here than you will from 007.
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