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Need advice

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm new to this thing...

I would like to buy a Automatic Electric Gun (M4, to be precise), but there is so much models and so much manufacturer so I was wondering which one should I buy and why. I would like a good one that I can upgrade/replace parts, not one that I'll have to replace in like 3 months for some disfunctionability.

Also, my friend would like a Sniper Rifle that looks like the AWP in Counter-Strike and I found this one (Maruzen APS-2 Type 96 (L96 A1) but it doesn't have scope so I imagine he will have to buy the scope separately, but which one fits with that rifle?

Sorry for being such a n00b, and thank you for your answers.

By the way, YES, I read the FAQs

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