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Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post
Yeah, and with some of us hounding our CO to nuke the other guys when told "No, its been called a no fire by the admins." And same group of us going "Fuck that, THEY'RE going to do it anyway!" Followed by "No they won't..." 10 minutes later...


I still love to bug him on that to this day , its FUN!

I really enjoyed the airstrikes and artillery call ins, I think they are a GREAT idea. It would be fun to add some more to them and make them just a little harder to call in, or have objectives that could prevent them for certain areas IE. AA platforms and such.

Nother thing that kind of bugs me, all these "If you don't want pain, go play something else!" I REALLY don't think that the issue with FPS rules and limits has been about pain, if it were we'd probably shoot 300 cause that CAN hurt enough as is. The idea has always been about safety, and statements like these "piss off" or "oh yeah, lite that bitch up at 500FPS" are really the ones that make you think that the only way to enjoy the game idea proposed is invite only. If the game was with safe people that I can trust to not stick that 500fps point blank into my face then I'd be game for the higher FPS. Because at a mill game it sadly happened where one of the players was shot point blank in the face ((also was a blind fire)) from a gun that only fired 350 and that left a good marks that buddy will probably still be displaying.
Hehehe... that sounds like a lot of fun. Here's hoping I get a chance to experiance some air strikes and whatnot.

As for bleeders and wounds and the like, I picked up a nice one at Flag Raiders on saturday. Shot from the second story walkway down into the main floor (drug lab), practically right on top of me, the impact chewed up a nice little part of my face... ironically, I paid for one of those creepy masks through Illusion the day before... if I had to ballpark a speed that gun was shooting, I'd say 350-400.

So I'd certainly +1 the invite only thing if taking damage was a concern, like you said, even lower powered AEGs, and some higher end pistols (a Marushin 8mm was chronied at 345-369 that day in the target range) can cause damage.
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