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Saturday I got one hell of a nice bleeder... wrecked a perfectly good shirt with blood, and I've got a wicked puffed out jaw, with a nasty looking scab...

I was entering the North (I think... opposite side of the drug lab from Saigon) side of the Drug lab, looked right, saw no one, looked and cleared left, then turned to go through the right side. As I started walking that way I saw movement above, looked up and saw two rifles swinging down to me, I tried to pop off a couple snap shots, and turned to run back to the left side and caught a BB from right focking above me, in the right side of my jaw. We still don't know for sure who did it, but I wouldn't be surprised if that gun was shooting 400 FPS~, and from 10 feet away to bare skin...

It definatly shoulda been a mercy, but I guess they were jumpy... it was the first round of the whole day... I'll link a pic tommorrow night when I upload it...

Also, I kept playing until the group needed to re supply their ammo, then I let someone patch me up.
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