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*facepalm* Well, finding out something is illegal through doing something illegal isn't always the best learning experience, but it's a learning experience. At least you've come to try and find out how to get things done the right way, so kudos for learning from your mistake.

Now, to get a gun.

Fill out your profile. If you're 18 or older, then get age verified. Once you're age verified, you'll have access to the Classifieds and some retailers here in Canada that will be more than happy to get you a gun. Be warned, you're looking at 300-500 for low end guns, and up to 2000 for top quality guns.

Read the FAQ's here:

They should cover everything from A-Z.

Welcome to airsoft!

Also, don't worry about "parlez francais ici" there's plenty of Quebecois that speak french, so go for what's most comfortable for you
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