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eBay is undertaking some new initiatives that focus on improving the buyer experience including changes to its seller fee structure and feedback. These strategies are public information. For example:

"In addition to pricing changes, were making the minimum standards for selling on eBay more stringent, primarily to discourage bad seller behaviour on our site.

Starting in March, we will decrease listings exposure in search for the relatively small number of sellers who have a high buyer dissatisfaction rate and low Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) over the last 30 days, especially for charging excessive shipping and handling.

Second, we will be requiring sellers with high buyer dissatisfaction rates to offer a safe payment option. This gives buyers a higher degree of protection.

Were also going to raise the bar on what it means to be a PowerSeller. We're setting a higher bar for sellers using their DSRs. Starting this July, sellers will need to have a minimum 4.5 score in all four DSR criteria over a 12-month period to be designated as a PowerSeller."

Source: Bill Cobb - President eBay North America

Take advantage of the changes and the protection Paypal offers you. This way we get the selection and prices only eBay can offer with the reliability and trust we expect from all vendors we transact with. These changes will help keep sellers honest.

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