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Thumbs up We from shootSOFT!!!

We from shootSOFT!!!

We think airsoft is one of the best sports there is!! For that we try to give access to every one the possibility to have an AEG at a fair price!!

Since few weeks we all see a lot of new small retails growing… and this good for all of us!!

shootSOFT start in last December in a time where airsoft was in difficulty! From that time we have grow and serve more than hundred members from ASC!! Always with more than they expect, you could have a view on what they think of us here

Telling you we will ship in the next 48Hrs… False… That why we always ask for a 20 business days before shipping! Stock or not!!

We will always try to have the best price there is for are community!! For that we try to negotiate the best deal with Hong Kong!

One of the promises we want to keep is the respect of the 20 business days!!
If we could not ship in that delay we will accept to refund you and we will contact you as soon we will be ready to ship your order!!

Yes we take costumer order… please don’t ask us price only to know how much it will be!! This cost us time!!! Time will be charge at the end!!! To figure out how much it will be… simple x3!!! No it not always like this… when you will be in the way to buy… We will be please to calculate you the best price!!

We from shootSOFT will try every thing to serve you the same way we would like to!!!

Christian and Jay
shootSOFT team
ALPHA unit, because there is no one else for that job!
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