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Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post
IE. a PTW here costs $2400, but only $1600 in the states. Thats an $800 increase that I can't seem to allocate entirely ALL of which where its going. I mean, the State retailer who gets this stuff in bulk will have paid his import taxes and shipping costs already, and yes both can be different. But Lets say its 5% difference on import taxes, thats still only $80 more. Say it costs another $20-40 in shipping thats $120. Now I've found different costs on the importation license, some reports have said $5,000 some have said $10,000. At $10,000 say guy sells 100 guns per year, AEG, GBB, BA, what ever it is. Its only $100 per unit if you flat rate it ((would make selling springers hard if you did that)) So there's $220, whered the other $580 come from?
Blame Canada. TV Comparison time again.

Best Buy US: LG - 50" 720p Flat-Panel Plasma HDTV 50PG20 $1,399.99

Best Buy Canada: LG 50" Flat-Panel Plasma HDTV** (50PG20) $1,999.99

600 dollar difference. Same TV. Not a restricted/ hard to import item. It's not just airsoft, it's everywhere in Canada as a whole.

Some people just look at the sticker price, throw a fit and then get all teary eyed before taking the time to compare other items. The reason I used TV's is that they closer match the prices. You can use other items and find the same sort of pricing difference. Our dollar's worth the same-ish, yet we pay significantly more for everything.

It's not airsoft retailers... It's Canadian economics.
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