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Prices are set by

The market.

If you don't like the price don't buy.

The problem is that the demand is high and the supply is low. This drives the price up.

In the USA and in Asia, there are no supply pressures. Supply can meet demand so the pressures are competative between retailers. This keeps prices low.

It is not gouging to charge the "market price" for an object.

When there were a number of retailers around.. most of them belonged to a cartel that fixed prices.. there were no downward price pressures as demand still outstripped supply. The all agreed to a common pricing structure as they were for the most part all sourcing from the same broker.

Now, we see a proliferation of smaller retailers that are competing .. but it won't take them long to figure out they don't have to. Every gun they birng in has a buyer, at a low price and at a high price.

If you were selling and you knew you could make $100 or $150 for selling the same thing.. would you choose to make less?

It is irrational to presume that the guys taking the risk to import and sell will do so for anything other than profit. They should charge as much as the market will pay.
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