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Perhaps Mcguyver, but why the excessive price gouge on every day guns then?

Why is a TM M4 nearly 150% increase in price to the door and the PTW ((if at your $1600 price)) only a 25% increase? That's a huge difference and in my eye is the only bullshit with retailers in recent years. Not waiting, or having trouble contacting people because thats all small things that people just have to accept that is the way the world just works. If should say that PTW are not paying as much as others are for importation than those that import TM and the like I call shinnanigans, because fewer PTWs are typically sold than TM's if both had the same availability. Simply because more people can afford $500 over $1800. If retailers sold guns at the better costs they'd sell much faster, I remember what ASCA had a shipment come in and with in two weeks "out of stocks" were EVERYWHERE again. And their prices were very decent.

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