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PTWs are about $1800 now. And they are made in Japan, so tariffs are going to be less than if it's made in Taiwan or China.

Way back when, I remember an ICS M4 coming from AE in the U.S. costing about $300 Canadian with exchange. Then came 7% GST, and 7% brokerage, then $20 per gun shipping. That came to $362. Next came the big one, duty. For Taiwan, it was 30%. So add on $90 more for a grand total of $452. These guns sold for $600 retail, and I remember a Christmas special where they were $499 with a battery. The RIS/C-15 cost $375 + the extras, and it sold for $700 retail, or $599 at Christmas without a battery.

KSC Glock 19 used to cost $187 to get it to the door, and they used to sell for $299 full retail, but $249 was more the norm in those days (2004-2005).

This is before all the costs of getting a license, having a storefront with security and a vault of some form (required by law for the "license"). No licenseholder can work out of the house, you must be an established "brick and mortar" business. This costs money, a ton of money, money that you don't get back from making $50-$100 per gun, I can tell you that for sure.

Why do you think we have clones in Canada? Because the public wanted them? Not even close. How about return on investment. The clone that costs you $300 costs the dealer at most $150. That's why. The older, established brands never had anywhere close to that margin, that's why dealers don't have them.
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