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I've never been too impatient to wait, sure it sucks, but when ya get it you just don't feel so bad for hugging, stroking and loving the thing. My beef has always been with the costs and how sometimes they make no sense; and I have looked into importation and the licensing. And sometimes it just never makes any damn sense.

IE. a PTW here costs $2400, but only $1600 in the states. Thats an $800 increase that I can't seem to allocate entirely ALL of which where its going. I mean, the State retailer who gets this stuff in bulk will have paid his import taxes and shipping costs already, and yes both can be different. But Lets say its 5% difference on import taxes, thats still only $80 more. Say it costs another $20-40 in shipping thats $120. Now I've found different costs on the importation license, some reports have said $5,000 some have said $10,000. At $10,000 say guy sells 100 guns per year, AEG, GBB, BA, what ever it is. Its only $100 per unit if you flat rate it ((would make selling springers hard if you did that)) So there's $220, whered the other $580 come from?

Another point is, when I inquired about ordering a Tanaka M700 A.I.C.S. ((Only gotten one reply so far)), and the cost is $1050. Now the same gun in the States you can get for $500, but thats all I see as confusion for this rifles cost price. It would start at $435 in HK from Redwolf. Cost to ship it here by itself, $46.96. Taxes, well I don't have the EXACT import percentage, but I'm told its basically GST, fine, we'll do 10% to keep math light and make sure its more than enough. $43.50. So there's roughly $100 in shipping/taxes, and say agian $100 for the import license. That's $200 on the one gun.

Here's another thing that gets me, why is the PTW, probably the most expensive gun that swims in the Canadian airsoft market not taxed so much?

For instance, that M700 starts at $435, with tax, shipping, and everything else added on is $1050, meaning a total $615 extra funds. Litterally the shipping and tax + profit is GREATER than that of the gun starting from a retailer in HK. Where as the PTW CQBR Max starts at $1455 and here costs $2400 or more, being $945 increase. Why if all things equal is the taxation and shipping costs greater than that of the gun for the AICS than the PTW? It can't cost more to ship the PTW CQR Max which ways 1kilo less in the gun alone. I did try to get a shipping quote through Redwolf as well to compare, but shipping is free on all PTW's there, hmm or just not charged.

Again, I'm not out to bash any of the retailers individually, its just frustrating when you see inconsistencies in pricing and costs. From some of the people that bring in the guns, costs are great and not too big to wolf down, but some are just too outrageous and all that means is I don't buy from them; simple as that. As for waiting, thats never been an issue, unless communication on it sucks, then its a big negative on that.

As for people saying its not a business, it still is, perhaps not an official business since that can venture into a lot of legalities, but it is still your person business when you are buying and selling items, be it for personal or professional ends. IE. you walk into the grocery to buy a bottle of coke, you're conducting business, in Canada we have different sense of retail than other parts of the world, but I can tell you right now there are places where you CAN barter the cost of a coke! And the retailer will LOVE you for doing it.

I'm happy to see more paws in the jar for getting guns into the sport lately, and hope to see more. And before anyone gets to crazy on me, I don't want to see some guns going for next to nothing either, one of my biggest dislikes for JG is that they were TOO cheap. Because of that they'd let more people who may not be mentally there for this game into the door. When it takes some time, patience and will to save up a few hundred dollars for the gun and then more money for the gear it tends to weed out some of the sort that airsoft doesn't want/need to see. This has been another rambling of

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