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1. Guys were bitching and moaning about being over charged for a TM/CA AEG (e.g. $600-800), but don't blink and actually praise the $350-ish price point for clones. Clones cost $70 overseas, you're paying 5 times the price and loving it. The price for a TM/CA was 2-2.5-3 times the price. People will gladly pay 5x the price for a "crappier" AEG...weird.
Yea, +1 to that. I remember a thread a while back where someone did a price comparison of the, er, "markup" of certain Chinasoft vs. 'brand name' AEGs. I think for the JLS FN2000 it was about 7x (700%), whereas a Classic Army gun (can't remember the model, it was an Armashite of some sort) was like 1.9x (190%). Yea, the China guns are cheaper, but comparitively you pay more for them.

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