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We need the retailers or this sport is going to evaporate. Considering the risks, I don't begrudge them the profit. You're risking the wrath of the CBSA and your business. I could import AEGs and PTWs as well; I know where they come from and how they arrive, but is it worth the risk to me? Nope. Thank goodness there are those who do it - for our sake. Then there is warrantying an item that you essentially have zero possibility of returning to a manufacturer, so the retailer takes on that liability as well.

I buy used, in country from reputable members who I know and who I have recourse with.. Airsoft guns are like cars, you drive them off the lot, take 25% off what you just paid. I also wait until someone has a firesale and needs instant cash (transmission busted, mortgage payment overdue, sex change operation) and drive a good deal.
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