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Originally Posted by max.power View Post
Well, I told them to refund my money.

I get an email today asking if it's "O.K." if they refund me $4 (half of shipping), and I wait for their new stock to come in.

So, I replied "No. I expect a FULL refund by Monday, or I will be contacting both PayPal and eBay."

This is the right approach; expect a full refund. If you don't get a resolution past your deadline, use Paypal and raise something called an ODR (online dispute resolution) flag. That will start the claim process but will not make a claim. Do this ASAP as the window to take action is brief.

If the seller still does not refund your $, it will be escalated to a claim and you may be covered under Paypal's purchase protection program.

Further, it helps the community if you have a bad experience and leave negative feedback. Although many buyers are worried about retaliatory feedback from vendors, eBay will be rolling out a change in May: "Sellers will no longer be able to leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers. This change will occur in May, 2008."

With its recent change in upper management and a re-shuffling of priorities, eBay is rolling out major changes to make the buying experience more reliable, enjoyable, and secure. It's up to buyers who are stiffed to use those tools to get rid of poor quality sellers.
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